At O Refúgio, we want to offer a place where guests can: 

  • Restore relationships to their Creator, nature, and one another.
  • Find refreshment, rest, and restoration for their bodies and souls.
  • Experience community and cultivate a more thoughtful, intentional way of life.
  • Integrate prayer and contemplation into daily living.
  • Connect with the land through regenerative farming and work on the vineyard.
  • Bless and connect with the local community.
  • Explore creativity and engage with the arts.


Faith: We follow Christian contemplative wisdom and practices that support personal transformation and inspire loving action.

Hospitality: We serve each other in love to make everyone feel welcome!

Community: We believe that we grow better together, side by side, by sharing experiences and times of silence.

Creation: We understand ourselves as part of God’s extraordinary creative action, with its rhythms and seasons, beauty and mystery.

Creativity: We explore and encourage creativity, inspired by the ultimate artist–endless in creativity, design, and ideas.

Hope: We open ourselves to hope, whatever the circumstances, moved by the certainty that God is with us in all ways.

Restoration: We embrace restoration – in our bodies, our relationships, and our soul, as well as an exploration of restoring the land, the vines, and the buildings of this beautiful, historic property.